15. June 2013 - GCCF Cat Show  - West Yorkshire

Airedale  Agricultural Society (Bingley)

Myrtle Park, Bingley, West Yorkshire,  BD16 1HB

Nearly all shows are "Championship" Shows, where GCCF registered cats can compete to win classes to gain GCCF certificates that count  towards titles. Adults can become Champions, Grand Champions, Imperial  Grand Champions and Olympian Imperial Grand Champions (Gold, Silver  & Bronze). Neutered cats win Premier certificates in the same  categories, and Household Pets (pedigree and non-pedigree) can achieve  Master Cat titles for their successes.

GCCF Cat Shows are one day events usually held on Saturdays,  occasionally Sundays, normally open to the public from 1pm (approx),  after the main judging has finished, until 5 pm. The size of show  varies from small single breed shows to large all breed shows such as  the GCCF Supreme Cat Show.

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